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Memlin is a webservice built to help you manage meetings, educations, seminars, conferences and everything related. All in one place.

Registration system

Get rid of replies through mail and get nicer reports of attendees. Create dynamic reply forms and get just the answers you need.

Smartphone app

Make your phone into a barcode reader with our app. Check in participants quickly at the event. Several smartphones can work simultaneously on the same Memlin account.

Email check

Broken email addresses (doesnt exist, spelled wrong etc) is tagged in system and can then be corrected.

Recurring events

Copy entire events, and choose what settings and data to be copied. Create events with ongoing dates.

Event portal

Group several events and create event lists or calendar views.

Cloud based

Cloudbased system which means no software to download. Easy to cooperate and se who did what and when.


Embed to your own web page or blog, to seamless integrate the reply page. Your participants replies directly at your site but gets registered in Memlin with all it's functionality.


Create surveys for feedback or just some answers. Reuse surveys and create reports.


Create tickets and set a price. Let participants pay using credit card or invoice. Supports multiple currencies and customized VAT


Powerful and well documented API to connect your own services. We also provide a set of connections to CRMs and invoice systems.

SMS and emails

Quickly send email or SMS to selected participants, custom messages or predefined reminders. Automate the reminders.

User management

Create extra accounts and set user permissions. Extra accounts can be assigned several permission types, like event managers or admins.

Event groups

Create event groups and assign to events. Create event lists, calendars with all events in the group.


Option to include a unique QR-barcode in the confirmation ticket. At the event the organizer can scan the barcode with a smartphone and our app to chek in the participant.

Accompanying guests

Set number of accompanying guests that the attendees can bring. Also set what replies are rquired from the guests, like food preferences.

Dedicated support

We are available and reply quickly. We work hard to make a great service.

Address book

Manage your contacts in our address book. Import contacts from lists or from events and add to contact groups.


Option to allow particpants to cancel/change their replies until a specified time before the event.

Confirm participants

Option to confirm participants, which means no confirmation is sent until the participant is confirmed by the organizer.

Waiting list

Activate waiting list and allow sign ups to the list after event is fully booked. Invite when a spot opens up.

Created in Sweden

Memlin is built with passion in Sweden