Friendly event management system for all kind of events

Lightweight, easy and highly configurable event management system for all of your courses, events, seminars and educations.

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We have many bookings. Before Memlin this took quite some time internally and demanded a lot of patience. Now, most of it solves itself with the help of Memlin and their superfast customer service!
Anna Edlund
Memlin really makes my daily work easier. Competent and easily accessible support is a big plus!
Therese Wistedt
You can always trust Memlin to be available for discussion and find the best possible solutions. Memlin is constantly developing and together we have designed and adapted features that has simplified and streamlined our events at Engdahl&Berg; including offering a smooth and improved solution for our participant management.
Kajsa Karlsson
Engdahl & Berg event agency
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Helps organizers and event managers handle many events

Manage events, meetings and courses professionally, with minimum effort. The best tools from heavy, complex event management systems made into a friendly and accessible service.

  • Invitations
  • Landing page
  • Branding
  • Checklists
  • Tickets
  • Participants
  • Meetings
  • Education portal
  • Reply page
  • Registration
  • SMS and email
  • Reminders
  • Check in app
  • Survey tool
  • Templates
  • Payments
  • Follow up and statistics
  • API
Achieve goals with the event and participants
with a flexible platform which can be set up to match your needs

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