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Memlin helps you create great events

Registration, tickets, participant management and app for checking in. We make it easier to organize. It could be a course, education, seminar or a corporate event. If you need to manage participants, you neeed Memlin.

Manage events, meetings and courses professionally, with minimum effort. The best tools from heavy, complex event management systems made into a friendly and accessible service.

User friendly

Easy to use system which gives you control


Reuse and automate

Cloud based

Nothing to install or update

Built with passion

Developed together with our users

Event reply page

Your reply page displays smoothly on any device: desktop, tablet or mobile.

Online registration

Create your reply page, sign up participants and manage registrations.


Collect feedback, set automated surveys to be sent out on a given trigger.

Barcode scanner app

Use our app to make your phone into a barcode scanner.

Meeting scheduler

Find the best time to schedule a meeting.


Send and receive emails and sms through the system. Tracking and indication of no-replies and errors.

Connect to other systems

Integrate to your current CRM or billing system through a powerful API.

Multi language, multi currency

Handle events with several currencies and languages.

Course management

Create list of courses and calendar views.

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Trygg datahantering

Vi följer dataskyddsförordningen GDPR för datalagring. Du äger din data.

Säker överföring

256-bitars kryptering garanterar att data skickas säkert.


Ibland kan det vara klurigt hur man ska göra på bästa sätt. Då finns vi där!

Datalagring, PUL och GDPR. Vi hjälper dig att uppfylla de senaste direktiven.